ZBrush Course modify new variants from existing tools

Our Course objective is to show you how we can make new modified creation from existing models or tools inside ZBrush

Welcome to this course on “ZBrush Course modify new variants from existing tools” this course has been created to show you how you can take a model or tool and create a variant or completely new design based upon it, by using this technique you can massively reduce your design development time this course is simple and easy to follow and uses some of the new features inside ZBrush 2018!

What this course is NOT
This course is not about creating an asset from scratch some parts are but the aim is to modify and reuse an existing tool or model

Key Course Features

  • Reference and design breakdown
  • Refinement using sculptris and dynamesh for a smooth work flow
  • Hand and ZRemeshing topology
  • UV set layout
  • Polypainting and layers with baking
  • Using mult-map export

I really hope you enjoy this course watch the free previews to see if the course fits your needs and any questions please message me via the course dashboard.

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