ZBrush 4 R8 – Kitbashing and Custom Brush and Tile Creation

Learn how to build your own kitbash library inside ZBrush, understand brush and tile creation in ZBrush

What this course does not cover in detail is the sculpting in ZBrush so this course is meant for beginners to advanced users who already know the basics! although saying that we will be creating a few of the insert brushes from scratch.

Whos the Course for?

If your trying to speedup your workflow and need to know how to create custom brushes and tileable textures then this is the course for you, also if you need to know how to oraganise your tools and brushes then again this is ideal for you!

What we Cover

  • Building basic brushes
  • Using premade brushes and modifying them
  • How to create custom insert and multimesh brushes
  • Tips about Insert brushes
  • How to create curve brushes for things like cable, pipes or belts etc
  • How to create a tileable texture
  • How to organise your kitbash kit

This comprehensive course shows you more than a few techniques in creating custom tools with the goal to speed up and organise your future creations.

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