ZBrush 4 R8 – Game of Thrones John Snow Likeness Sculpt

Learn to create amazing likeness sculpt in ZBrush with my special techniques

Welcome to this course on creating a likeness sculpt of John Snow “King of the North” from the epic series “The Game of Thrones”

In this course my main aim is to teach you how to create likeness sculpt of people, I have specially designed this course for non artist , using my special techniques it should be possible if you have good reference images to create fairly accurate likenesses. Now on saying that its not going to be easy the more you practice these techniques the better you will become FACT!

I give you all the tools and a pletherer of skills to be able to achieve your visions!

Some of what we cover is bulleted below:

  1. Building a base mesh from a mesh
  2. Building up detail in dynamesh and using a few practical brushes
  3. Projecting details from one mesh to another
  4. Retopology techniques for clean geometry
  5. Creation and implementation of vector Displacement brushes
  6. The all new gizmo for R8
  7. Customisation and material, doc and view saving and loading
  8. Final render and compositing in ZBrush

In this course I will be using ZBrush 4 R8 and Photoshop for the compositing work

This course is the next step in ZBrush training and reigns in a new era in creative techniques.

Final thoughts!
The most important thing is for you to have fun don’t rush, follow along and create amazing sculpts in ZBrush!

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