ZBrush 4 R8 – Creating a Sword Long Claw The Game of Thrones

Learn techniques inside ZBrush for creating swords and weaponery in this fast paced action packed course

In this course we will be creating “Long Claw” from the epic series The Game of Thrones!

This course is a great way to showcase some of the features of ZBrush 4 R8 we will use these new features to create a bladed weapon inside ZBrush during this course we will cover the following with tips and tricks along the way:

  • Creating low poly bases
  • Use Gizmo transforming effects
  • You will learn to use the ZModeller brush and see how effective it is for hard surfaces
  • Learning to crease smooth edges
  • Previewing and using the Dynamic Subdivs
  • Welding and duplicating a tool
  • UV unwrapping and using Goz as well as traditional UV techniques
  • Learn to sculpt in Dynamesh
  • Cavity and Masking techniques
  • Render doc size
  • Boolean techniques to get results quickly
  • Adding surface noise and using masking and alphas inside the noise generator
  • Problems you could face like duplicated faces
  • Adding materials and colour to your subtools

As you can see there is a lot of stuff packed into this course, it is fun and fast paced and remember any problems I am a click away!!

See you in there!!

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