ZBrush 4 – Create Hair & Fur with Fibremesh, Game of Thrones

Learn How to Tame ZBrush Fibremesh in this easy to follow action packed course

Want to learn how to create realistic Fur and Hair, if the answer is yes then this could be the course for you!

I felt there was a real need to simplify as much as possible the techniques for creating Hair and Fur, especially within ZBrush, I have seen many videos and courses that use ZBrush and then shoot into other programs to finish the job, and yes although professionally you would probably want to use multiple applications it does not take away the fact that renders from ZBrush are outstanding and deserve the full project to be undertaken in this amazing application!

Alright! so let’s get into what this course will be teaching you!!

This is a beginner to advanced course and will ground you in all the main tools and techniques in using fibremesh, the whole process will be undertaken inside ZBrush, onlu hopping out quickly into Photoshop for a look at applying textures to fibres!

Fibremesh Course Details:

  • Methods for creating fibres from a mesh
  • Importance of polygroups and masking
  • What are all the settings in Fibremesh for
  • What brushes to use with Fibremesh
  • Doing different tests ona sphere to begin
  • Creating Eyebrows
  • Creating Eyelashes
  • Creating Beards
  • Two hair styles
  • Using alphas to mask
  • BPR settings
  • And loads of tricks and tips along the way

Should I take this course?

  1. If you love the course image then you should take the course as thats what we are creating!
  2. Want to learn to create hair and Fur for your Zbrush Characters? This is the course for you

Lets Learn to Tame and Master Hair and Fur with Fibremesh!!!

See you in the course!!!

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