The Mandala – Learn to Create 3D from 2D Artwork in ZBrush

Learn to create a 3D version of any artwork inside ZBrush quickly and efficiently with this fun course

Ready to learn how to produce amazing 3D versions from 2D artwork!

During this course I will be showing you how to create a 3D version of a Mandala from Flat Artwork, first we will get our design ready inside Photoshop and then take this into ZBrush, inside ZBrush I will show you two methods for creating fantastic 3D versions of you design.

This course is quite short but don’t let that fool you everything is covered in detail and as always any problems reach out or message me, I want this course to be fun and informative and take my responsibility as an instructor very seriously, this course is geared to give you the information quickly and clearly and at the end of the course you should have all the skills you need to go it alone!

What we cover during this course “The Mandala – Learn to Create 3D from 2D Artwork in Zbrush”:

  • Preparing designs inside Photoshop
  • Importing masks and textures into ZBrush
  • Mesh extractions and polygrouping
  • Lighting and rendering
  • Documents set up and custom views
  • Exporting your work out of ZBrush
  • Basic tour of Keyshot
  • Rendering from both ZBrush and Keyshot
  • Compositing inside Photoshop

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