Render Interiors in Maya and Mental Ray great for Beginners

Rendering and Modelling Great looking Interiors Easily this course is great for Beginners to learn these techniques

Get in the Interior mood with this great course on rendering interiors with Maya and Mental Ray

This course is aimed at Beginners to Intermediate but all level users might find it of some help!

Although modelling and animating interiors is easy enough, of course depending on the complexities! actually lighting and rendering proves to be the hardest thing for users this course has been created to be both easy to remember and simple to instigate.

I will be producing another course along the same lines however this will delve much deeper into the lighting and rendering side of Interiors and for that matter exterior arch vis rendering, it will definitely be a challenge even for a seasoned renderer. This course aims to make it much simpler maybe for people that just don’t want all the complexities.


I am supplying all the source files with this course so you will always have the reference you need, I do suggest you try this on your own!

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