Maya Training – Creating/Modelling “The Brooklyn Bridge”

Learn all aspects of 3D modelling with this comprehensive Maya course for Intermediates to Advanced Level Users

Every city has its iconic landmarks. New York has the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. London has Big Ben, The London Eye and The Shard. Sydney has its  Opera House. Paris has The Eiffel Tower.

MojoMojo 3D Training creates highly detailed 3D models of these structures. We teach you how to create each structure, rivet by rivet, brick by brick.

The first iconic landmark is Brooklyn Bridge.


This course covers 3D modelling of The Brooklyn Bridge. As this is a real world project assets are NOT SUPPLIED. This is a good thing, as it encourages you to model the bridge and follow all the steps we teach.


  1. Basic Box modelling in Maya
  2. Intro to NURBS modelling
  3. Geometry conversion
  4. UV layout and Map creation and application
  5. Advanced deforming techniques
  6. Using ZBrush and making it work for you
  7. Commentary on every lecture giving valuable tips and tricks along the way


At the end of this course your modelling ability and understanding should improve greatly.

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