Maya and ZBrush Animation Basics Easy to Follow Fun Course

Learn the very basics for rigging and animating characters in Maya and create blendshapes in ZBrush

Rigging and Animation are complex subjects I have tried to keep this simple and understandable so that you get animating as fast as possible and also learn key skills and techniques!

During this course I am going to show you the basics of rigging and animations inside Maya, we will also be importing in blend shapes from ZBrush. This course has been designed to not overwhelm you and although there is much to learn things I considered to be a bit too complicated have been left out this was done to make sure you understand the key principals of rigging and animation, this course will be your foundation moving on.

Who is this course for?

  • Any one who is new to rigging and animation
  • Anyone who wants to add a bit life to there creations
  • Anyone on the journey to become an animator or rigger
  • Any one curious about 3D Animation

What we learn During this Course

  • How to create blendshapes in ZBrush and how to import to Maya 2018
  • Basic setup of our character
  • Effective use of grouping and parenting
  • Creating a joint system
  • Using IK handles
  • Binding our skin and painting weights
  • Testing our rig
  • Creating controls to connection editor
  • locking and hiding unwanted attributes
  • Setting up reference scenes
  • Basic animation techniques (we will be producing our promo example)
  • A basic look at using the graph editor
  • Lights inside Arnold
  • Rendering our scene in Arnold

As you can see we are covering quite a bit here, dont worry its all broken down into easy to follow lectures, thats not to say its not a challenge though!

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