Maya 3D Modelling Iconic Designs

Create iconic designs and images using Maya

This course will take you step by step with some of the processes used to create a concept or iconic image using Maya a professional 3D modelling software

“In this course we will create an iconic chair by Charles Eames”

Maya 3D Modelling Iconic Design overview

We will look at the following course topics during this course:

  • Selecting good reference images
  • Creating planes to model against in Maya
  • Box modelling in Maya, this is the most basic and most used method of modelling within 3D aplications
  • NURBS modelling this more complex form of modelling is great for adjusting and fine tuning your geometry
  • Geometry conversion we will show you how to convert NURB surface to Poly Surfaces
  • We will look at the following Bevelling, Extruding, Merging vertices
  • Geometry selection types
  • Tool preferences
  • Model cleanup
  • Simple renders from Maya and Mental ray

Although this course on Modelling is all about modelling at the end I will show you how to render from Maya software renderer and Mental ray.

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