Maya 3D Modelling and Rendering Iconic Designs – Extended

Become a 3D Guru with this Maya Course great for Beginners and Intermediates

Welcome to this course on 3D Modelling and Rendering this course is Jam Packed with features!. The course is an extended version of my course “Maya 3D Modelling Iconic Designs” it covers everything on that course and more showing many other tips and trick and techniques for both Modelling and Rendering!

Who this course for?

  • Anyone who need to learn quickly how to use Maya
  • Anyone who want to learn great easy techniques for rendering with Maya
  • Beginners and Intermediates who want to be 3D Gurus

This course features lots of techniques and rendering you will find most courses don’t show you how to get from step 1 to step 10 we do!

Experts training future experts…

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