Learn Maya 2018 – High Poly Modelling Rapier Missile System

All Level Course – Learn to Model with Maya 2018 a High Detail Model that can be used for Animation or Illustration work

Want to learn to Model effectively in Maya, if the answer is yes then this is the course for you, this all level course covers the basics as well as intermediate and advanced skills in modelling high poly models inside Maya 2018.

Course Description

This course is an in-depth course on High Poly modelling in side Maya 2018, during this course we will build a Rapier Missile System just like course image, we will discuss reference and the importance of it as well as looking at lots of techniques you can use in this and other projects this course is fast paced and action packed so enjoy the ride!

Key Tecnhniques

  1. Navigation and Panels
  2. The importance of reference
  3. Building details from the ground up
  4. Box modelling techniques
  5. Wire and Lattice deformers
  6. Creating on curves for cables and wires
  7. Model conversions
  8. Optimising geometry
  9. Scene clean up and control
  10. Groups and pivot points

What this course is NOT!
important information, I need to inform you of before you think about taking this course”

“First I want to tell you what this course is NOT as I want it clear, this course is not about texturing or creating UV’s why have i not covered it here? well i believe it is most important for you to learn the skills of modelling first and also i did not want to confuse the issue or fill your head with information setting up UV’s as well as Texturing will be add on modules to this course so if you want to use the same project files you are welcome to do so in the future courses on each module”.

I hope you enjoy this Online Course in Modelling in Maya 2018

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