Jewelery Design in ZBrush 2018 – Complete Jewelery Course

Learn the art of Jewelery Design using ZBrush 2018 Make your 3D Creations Real by Understanding the 3D Printing Process

Learn How To Create Stunning Jewelery with this Zbrush 2018 Jewelery Creation Course

Designed for All levels this course gives you the tools, tips and tricks to create stunning Jewelery we even show how to upload to Shapeways and check its all ready for print.

So if you are a Jewelery Designer or a hobbyist keen to learn how to create your Jewelery designs in 3D this is the go to course for you!

Some of what you will learn

  • Measuring and checking width,depth and height of your creations
  • Reusing assets
  • Creating ring bases that you can use time and time again
  • Engraving, text and arrays
  • The correct pipeline for output
  • Modelling and sculpting techniques
  • Uploading and troubleshooting

What we will be doing

We will produce the following

  • 5 Rings going from a simple ring to a more complex ring
  • 1 Pendent
  • 1 Bracelet


  • Troubleshooting guide with links to handy resources

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