Game Design – Environments using ZBrush, Substance and Unity

Game Design – Environments using ZBrush, Substance and UnityGame Design – Environments using ZBrush, Substance and Unity

I am excited to welcome you to this indepth course on modelling an environments for game.

During this course we will explore many techniques for creating games environments in this case a rocky terrain set, I will show you in detail how to model, map, paint and export your game ready assets from ZBrush, along the way we will look at painting using substance painter and also how to export the new maps out of Substance, we will look at Maya and scaling as well as the GOZ feature of Zbrush, not only that but we will also take a look at marmoset as well the end goal is to bring these assets into Unity and create a game set.

So let me give you a break down of all the exciting stuff we are going to do together:


  1. Reference gathering
  2. Scale in Maya
  3. Overview


  1. Set Creation
  2. GOZ from ZBrush to Maya
  3. Texturing as well as texturing from photoshop
  4. Creating tile-able textures
  5. UV mapping
  6. Creating Low Poly Models
  7. Exporting from ZBrush to Substance
  8. Multi map exporter
  9. We will work on a Rock as well as a complete set

And More…


  1. Getting the scale correct in Maya

We do not use Maya much in this course so its not a major requirement of the course as sizing can be done inside Unity!

Substance Painter

  1. Baking maps form Models created in ZBrush
  2. Painting our set
  3. Creating roughness and metallics in Substance
  4. Looking at the basic navigation and shelves
  5. Exporting from Substance

And More…

Marmoset Toolbag 3

  1. We will use this to take a quick look at the textures we produce on a material

You do not require this program for the course


  1. In the last part of the course we will imports all our assets
  2. Apply the materials to the set
  3. Scale and arrange a quick set extension
  4. Add mist to the scene
  5. Add a skybox to the scene
  6. Add Colliders to our set
  7. Add a FRP to the scene so we can look around in realtime

And More…

This course is a primer for my more detailed courses coming out soon and the course is here to give you a general understanding of Game Modelling with that in mind this course is targeted at Intermediate level modellers and can be considered a next step in your evolution as a game designer!

I really hope you enjoy the course and hope to see you soon.

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