Game Character Course – ZBrush to Substance Painter and more

Learn to create a simple games character from scratch, in this indepth gaming course

Want to get into Game design but dont know where to start?
then this is the course for you!

During this course you will see a whole pipeline and along the way you will understand what is required to create games characters inside Zbrush, I also show you how to get the assets straight out of ZBrush both High and Low poly models and into Substance Painter!!

In this course you will learn essential skills to turn your ZBrush sculpts into low res game ready assets, this indepth course covers three main programs and will be used as follows:

  • ZBrush 4 R8: Where you will build your character and texture him up, then prepare him for export into Substance painter.
  • Substance Painter: You will learn how to export from ZBrush to Substance without the need of other software, I also show you exactly whats happening for the exports to work and supply a work sheet of the protocals!
  • Marmoset Toolbag 3: We will look at how to get exported maps as well as the mesh into Marmoset and set up for render.

Important Information

This course also uses Maya it is not needed for the course but does explain more clearly what goes on with exports from ZBrush this program was used to make more clarity on what is happening.

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