Customising the Interface of ZBrush 4 R8

Learn how to be efficient by customising the ZBrush Interface

During this course I will show lecture by lecture a different customisation feature of ZBrush.

Having the ability to make ZBrush work for you is an essential skill you definitely should know, in this easy to follow video I break each feature down check out all I cover below!

During this course I cover these points:

  1. Changing all the interface colours
  2. Changing the Doc background
  3. Moving icons and sliders around
  4. Setting up a New Top level menu item
  5. Adding a sub level menu item
  6. Adding items to the top and sub level menu item
  7. Creating tool pop up items with hotkeys
  8. Organising content for light box internally and on external devices
  9. Setting up macros to run time consuming jobs
  10. We will create a custom rock brush
  11. Saving custom brushes
  12. Changing the icon for custom brushes
  13. List of ZBrush shortcuts

These customisation methods will definitely speed up your production and make it easier for you to work, if you want to learn all the top customisation methods for ZBrush in an easy to follow digestible format this is the course for you.

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