Creating the Goblin War Chariot using ZBrush 3D Printing Design


Creating the Goblin War Chariot using ZBrush ready for 3D Printing

Welcome to the Goblin War Chariot using ZBrush 3D Printing Design, during this course we will explore different methods for gaining control over our detail this is very important for 3D printing as there could be detail limitations, maybe the detail you are trying to achieve in a print is not coming out and needs to have more definition, this is the whole reason for the course.

Section one explores many ways to achieve control over your detail extrusion level inside ZBrush using proven methods as well as my own unique ones for controlling the detail for 3D Print. Lets explore together whats possible inside ZBrush and try to push the software to the limits.

Section two now we will put what we have learnt into action and complete our Goblin War chariot for 3D Print, we will also add some extra details I urge you to keep adding detail to your model but make sure you think carefully how it will print!

The course is aimed at people who want to learn how to control detail specifically depth and extrusion for the tolerances needed for 3D Printing, I have spent many hours testing and trying new methods as well as the usual ones found all over the internet, together we will test and I will show you some of the pitfalls and challenges that face modern day 3D Printers.

This course is not linear it explores all aspect of controlling detail for 3d print and I repeat and show you multiple ways of doing things, leaving you with many choices going forwards, this course is broken up into 3 main sectors 1: exploration 2:Finalisation and 3: Finishing.

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