ZBrush for 3d printing controlling detail – Brush depth

Demo lecture from my course: courses.mojomojo.design In this lecture “ZBrush for 3d printing controlling detail” our aim is to sculpt to a specific depth that we set, this is so we can re-produce that level of detail inside our 3D printer.

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When you Sculpt inside Zbrush you can create very fine detail often these are not possible to re-produce on a 3D print, when designing for print we need to enhan ce that detail inside ZBrush this addresses that subject. This is a demo lecture based on my course ZBrush for 3d printing controlling detail.


Welcome to the Goblin War Chariot using ZBrush 3D Printing Design, during this course we will explore different methods for gaining control over our detail this is very important for 3D printing as there could be detail limitations, maybe the detail you are trying to achieve in a print is not coming out and needs to have more definition, this is the whole reason for the course.

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