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Anatomy is hard right! I consider it to be one of the hardest thing to do in digital sculpting but I am sure you have seen some amazing sculptures all done in ZBrush, so how do they do it, well practice and working on there weaknesses, some of these amazing Characters artists might be self taught but a majority have taken a ton of courses and that where I come in I have designed a course built specifically to get you to the next level quicker this is backed up by a community of like minded individuals!
So this brings me onto the most common mistakes I see everyday and what you should watch out for when sculpting.

ZBrush Character and Anatomy Course

Mistake Number 1: What I call flat face, this is where an artist has not taken into account the roundness and planes of the face inevitable it leads to a very flat face specially when looked at from a three quarter view, google and look at images in different views and make sure your getting roundness into your model when sculpting change the angle often and look at the silhouette.

Mistake Number 2: Proper proportions for the body and face, this is another very common mistake you will often look at sculpts and say thats not right its usually due to bad proportions maybe the eyes are too close together either too high or too low or the legs too long or short, a quick google on body proportions should set you right.

Mistake Number 3: Bulging out of place muscles, this is so common with everyone creating super hero characters and bad muscle placement and size is very common, again look and pay attention to images or your own body!

Mistake Number 4: Detailing too soon! this is a particular bug bear of mine people often will create a sculpt and think yes thats looks ok I can make it look better by adding detailing like wrinkles and pores etc this never ends well unless its a good sculpt in the first place it will never look good bu adding a ton of detail, spend time on the initial sculpt and only when you love it do you move on!

Mistake Number 5: jumping to high resolution too early, this is a massive mistake people move into the higher resolutions far to early, I am guilty of this reign your self back and define and push the character as far as you can before moving to a higher resolution, lower resolution mean speed and control it will be easier to smooth and soften masking so be careful of this one!
OK so these are my top 5 tips for anatomy and character artists, make sure you check out the link below to move your skills to the next level

Want to learn how to sculpt realistic Characters in ZBrush?
Take my Anatomy Course and learn professional techniques to achieve fantastic results!
This course assumes you are a complete beginner with little experience of ZBrush it takes you from beginner to an advanced ZBrush user and its massive!!

“I have specially designed this course to get you where you need to be quicker and provide reference and assets throughout, remember also this is a growing evergreen course so new content will be added at no extra cost I also have a community page where help can be asked for, often I will do a video for you and critique work for problems.
I also show common beginner errors and we will extensively work on training your eye to work from reference images, even if your not into character design this course will make you a better artist, loads of next generation techniques as well as other artists approached are demonstrated in great detail.”

Lastly I am by no means the best Character designer but what I do have is over 30 years experience across many fields of 3D, this course is a way for me to share that information, if you like what you see buy the course, and if you already have my courses then you know how much time and energy I put into my students achieving there goals!

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