ZBrush jewellery tutorial – An indepth guide to using ZBrush for Jewellery creation

If your looking for an in depth guide to using ZBrush for Jewellery Design then look no further, no I mean it this is the most comprehensive course on using ZBrush for Jewellery design on the internet, why?? Because it has over 220 lectures and over 50 Hours of video content and growing that’s why!

So whats so special about this course?
I don’t confess to be a Jeweller but I was sure that the techniques for Jewellery design could easily be transferred across to ZBrush and nothing was going to stop me from searching for solutions to even the most complex creations.

ZBrush jewellery

So the journey begun.. After tons of research on the manufacturing process and countless testing and R and D work I started to compile the Bible for Jewellers wanting to use ZBrush, further to this I communicate with professional jewellers asking them what they want to see and achieve, three months later I produced my second and most comprehensive course on designing jewellery with ZBrush.

ZBrush jewellery

Lastly I would like to mention I am still adding to the course and any new request s or techniques I develop will be added as new sections.

This Special Offer end soon!

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