Welcome to the biggest jewellery Design online course with ZBrush on the internet today

Welcome to the biggest jewellery Design online course with ZBrush on the internet today!

Jewellery Design in ZBrush 2019 Next Generation Techniques

with over 250 Video Lectures and 22 Sections plus a rendering and Workshop and help area this is by far the most comprehensive course on Jewellery Design with ZBrush.

ZBrush jewellery

Developed in association with professional jewellers this course addresses all aspect of jewellery Design, all using ZBrush. This course was created for jewellers to give them another option for creating jewellery instead of relying on over priced software not fully fit for purpose and lacking support!

Over the last several months a ton of research and development has gone into this course to provide you with a fully featured aresnal of tools and techniques you can use for creating anything in ZBrush

This course is continually being updated to keep up with new plugins and features and will keep being so, working with industry professionals I have tailored this course to meet and exceed all there needs and requirements!

Did i mention its for beginners through to advanced ZBrush users with a FREE pur basics course thrown in FREE of charge.

Find out more about Learning ZBrush for professional Jewellers course

I will be incrementally increasing the price over the months do get in early!!

Professional Jewellery Design Course with ZBrush

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