Professional Jewelry Design Courses with ZBrush

The only Jewelry design course for ZBrush you will ever need, so much content and demonstrations you will be overjoyed!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in this article “Professional Jewelry Design Courses with ZBrush” firstly I want to let you know this course has been designed with professional jewellers in mind

Having done a ton or research and talked to industry professionals, I have met and exceeded there needs by incorporation techniques I use in other areas of 3D this makes this course extra special as I am calling on a myriad of techniques from other areas such as 3D printing and character/games modelling, all in all making this the most versatile course for jewelry designers on the internet today.

ZBrush jewellery

With over 50 hours of videos and over 200 Lectures with assets supplied and workshops plus backed up by an active facebook groups specifically set up for this course alone, you can be sure you are in safe hands and have a teacher who cares about you and what you want to achieve, this is not sales marketing I mean it!!

Jewellery Design in ZBrush 2019 Next Generation Techniques

So if your interested in replacing your existing software or you want ZBrush to work along side your existing workflows then this is the course for you.

Features and techniques of this course would take too long to go over just check out the course curriculum and make your own mind up!

ZBrush jewellery

This is the biggest online course on the internet for jewelry design and is evergreen so it keeps growing you pay one price and then that’s it!

I will be incrementally increasing the price over the months do get in early!!

Professional Jewlery Design Course with ZBrush

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