Course on Jewellery Design with ZBrush

Learn Everything you need to be a professional Jewellery Design with ZBrush

Do you want a comprehensive course on Jewellery Design with ZBrush if the answer is yes then this is the course for you, working with Jewellers from around the world I have developed a course that addresses all the concerns Jewellers have when using ZBrush, months in development and over 75 hours of video, 280 lectures and including all the assets this course is without question the biggest online Jewellery design course using ZBrush on the planet today!

With an exclusive community of professional Jewellers and ZBrush enthusiasts I have used my skills in Character, Architectural and Game design to adapt ZBrush for jewellery Design lots of the lectures and techniques have never been demonstrated before with ZBrush.

Check out the full sylabus and make your mind up whether you want to make the next step, this is the only course you will ever need!

Did i mention its for beginners through to advanced ZBrush users with a FREE pur basics course thrown in FREE of charge.

Jewellery Design in ZBrush 2019 Next Generation Techniques

What you will Learn

  • ​​ Jewellery Design in ZBrush 2019 Next Generation Techniques
  • ​​ ZBrush Unit size and measuring, will will create easy to see depth cages and helper cubes
  • ​​ Explore the Scale master for resizing a single or multiple  sub tools
  • ​​ Scaling and non uniform scaling on tools
  • ​​ Creating and controlling Curve on surface and insert brushes, setting depths and expansion and compression of the curve
  • ​​ Understanding and applying UV’s to both sculpted tools and brushes
  •  Control detailing using texture driven masks, morph targets and layer controls across multiple  defined areas of our model
  • ​​ You will learn how to create clean topology and be able to project high resolution details onto a low resolution tool, as well as how to re flow topology from dynamesh and extractions
  • ​​ We will look at extractions and how we can create clean workable topology in side ZBrush
  • ​​ We will look at poly groups and discuss there importance to us specially when selecting or modifying a tool
  • ​​ I will show you how arrays work and how to produce complex repeating patterns easily we will also look at repeating symmetry and mirroring and welding geometry
  • ​​ I will show you how to reduce your poly count from millions to thousands and how to export and upload to shape ways
  • ​​ We will look at how to save money on a print by creating a hollowed out surface
  • ​​ We will also look at how to render both from ZBrush and Keyshot and comp them inside Photoshop for an amazing  final render of your concept
  •  After going through all the processes above we will end with a full working examples per section going from start to finish

You can find free help on Jewellery design on my you tube channel and playlist found here

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